Cédric Ménard

Digital Advertising Director

I am an experienced digital media executive with an intrapreneurial mindset.

My strong digital skills in media management, emphasis on data-driven analysis, and focus on media performance have helped some of the world’s biggest companies make significant savings on their advertising expenditure.
My problem-solving skills, straight-talking, and commercial savvy have meant that I am at home at both the helm of entrepreneurial ventures and established firms.

Please get in touch to discuss how I can help you generate the most value from your digital venture.


Head of Performance Marketing

Pierce AB, April 2018-present

Pierce AB is one of the Top 10 E-commerce in Sweden. With a local presence in 17 European markets, an impressive Yearly growth and a team of business oriented and a global expansion.

• Strategy and Execute Marketing Full Stack Automation
• Responsible for 100+ MSEK budget with a team of 8 peoples
• Implement Google DV360, DCM with personnalisation to manage programmatic buying
• Data driven process to increase media efficiency
• Improved message personnalisation across channels
• Increase media effectiveness, capturing conversion pattern across channel via our CDP

Head of Digital | Global Media Consulting & Audit

ECI Media Management, Feb 2015 – March 2018

At ECI Media Management I help some of the world’s biggest companies to make significant savings on their advertising expenditure. Providing consulting services to solve complex challenges in their digital transformation phases. Analyzing digital media investment worth half a billion USD annually across 30+ markets worldwide to maximize media efficiency and effectiveness.

• Used data-driven benchmarking & consulting to save clients’ campaign costs
• I led a global team of hand-picked analytics professionals and helped develop the firm’s next-generation software.
• Improve clients savings on their media campaigns through benchmarking. This entailed comparing their expenditure and viewing statistics against the market and competitors.
• I negotiated numerous contracts and refined KPIs so that they better fulfilled clients’ strategic advertising goals.
• I grew and established ECI’s brand as a Digital Media Audit agency, with a focus on product development and client interaction.
• Created & delivered ‘Best Practice’ programs for use in client training

CEO – Digital Marketing Agency

Getupdated Internet Marketing, May 2007-January 2015

During 5 years at Getupdated, I focused on 360° digital media planning, omni-channel strategy and channel innovation across Europe and the Nordics.
As head of 20 Search Engine Marketing (SEM) professionals reporting to the group CEO, we:
• Achieved a 40-fold revenue increase over 5 years..
• Grew our client based from 10 to 250 clients, with an emphasis on digital strategy and innovation.
• Became a Top 10 brand in our sector through well-honed market assessments and go-to-market strategies.
• As an early Kenshoo adopter, we provided regular feedback to the Kenshoo team.
• Implemented best practice SEA/SEM across Group European offices
• Market assessment, go-to-market strategy, product positionning
• P&L monthly reporting including Income Statement and Balance Sheet

Founder | SEM Agency | Exit with Getupdated

OptiWORDS, April 2006-May 2007

Boostrapped and Exit to Getupdated Internet Marketing Agency.
My time at OptiWORDS was spent building a firm that developed and honed SEM services for e-commerce clients. The company was registered in France but run from Stockholm.
• I achieved a 30-fold increase in outdoor e-commerce revenue over 5 years.
• I implemented an early-stage tracking tool that collected users’ exact queries, giving significant optimization advantages.
• I delivered a great investor exit: OptiWORDS was sold to Getupdated Internet Marketing (Oniva Online Group, OMX-Nasdaq-listed) in 2007.


Translating goals into executable targets requires a finely-tuned skill set. In addition to the digital savvy and leadership skills highlighted in my professional experience, I also possess the following traits.

Cultural Chameleon

Both Swedish and French, I grew up in France and have lived and worked in Sweden since 2003. Prior to that I was based in the United Kingdom for two years. I have also collaborated with clients across the globe, from Tokyo to Los Angeles, and managed multi-national teams. This means that I not only speak multiple languages, but can also communicate complex ideas in culturally and linguistically diverse settings.

Digital Toolbox

• SEM Expert
• AdWords certified
• Google Analytics
• Facebook & LinkedIn expert
• Kenshoo pioneer
• App UX
• SEO specialist
• Proficient in Office
• Acrobat Pro XI
• Prezi & Flurry
• A/B testing


I have a track record of building both customer and team loyalty. The former has been driven by my commitment to detail-driven customer testing, while the latter is a product of my desire to ensure that those on my team are intellectually stimulated and supported.

Always Ahead

  • Keep up with industry changes
  • Attend Events
  • Know your customer
  • Always be testing
  • Focus on search engine optimization
  • Use clear metrics


“Cédric is a very diligent man and a quick learner. He is easy going, self motivated person with great social skills. Everyone feels comfortable in his presence. In very short time he dug in and learned to master internet marketing with great success. In short time also had important business meetings with well known brands in France where Cédric proved strong business leadership.”

Jens Hård, CEO Quisma Nordic

” I had the pleasure of working with Cedric at ECI Media Management where he was able to share his depth of digital expertise to educate both clients and internal stakeholders on a global scale. He was also able to combine this digital knowledge with high-level strategic thinking to offer viable solutions to long term business challenges. “

Ben Scrivener,
Global Investment Director at MediaCom

“Cedric is a true team builder, a coach that sees and gasps the group dynamic. He is driven by professionalism and continues development of business processes and services. His focus, work ethic and efforts towards internal and external stakeholders make him a very appreciated and a respected manager. Cedric is an honest, down to earth sole with a lot of humor.”

Murat Yigit, Consultant at HiQ

“Cédric is a very professional leader. He has developed Just Search France to a solid organization that delivers strong results. His teams work hard and successfully combine sales and product development that builds a strong foundation for future growth. Cédric always reports accurately and on time and due to his experience in Online Marketing it´s always interesting to discuss business development with him.”

Peter Eriksson, CMO at Cloapp

Get in touch

+46 733 166 422
Stockholm, Sweden

Things I Love

To do again and again


Sharing my culinary craft

I have a passion for the art of hospitality. I love to create magical moments; the aim is to create unforgettable experiences TOGETHER!


Social capital in action

I enjoy helping and giving support to those around me that need it. Helping an individual foster a supportive network can impact their life, ensuring a better tomorrow.

Level Up

Explore and learn

I love challenges. They allow me to explore, identify solutions and implement in order to achieve and improve. Areas of focus: Entrepreneurship, Digital and Disruptive innovation.

Cédric Ménard